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Adam McCauley was first weened as a young lad on Angela Banner’s Ant and Bee books.  Soon after, along came Dr. Seuss, then Maurice Sendak.  By second grade he was getting into arguments with his teacher about The Wizard of Oz books because the teacher didn’t believe there were more books than the original one.  He read the entire first fourteen L. Frank Baum penned series, and absorbed in the masterfully weird illustrations by W.W. Denslow and John R. Neill.

Next up came a deep obsession with Tolkien; first, The Hobbit and it’s richly author-illustrated pages, then the rest of the books and subsequent illustrations from Pauline Baynes, Alan Lee, Barbara Remington and the Brothers Hilderbrandt. A parallel obsession happened with Tintin and the masterful art and story of Hergé.

Eventually, he went to art school in New York, where he was lucky enough to be taught by such great artists as Katrina Denzinger, Steven Guarnaccia, Robert Crawford, Robert Andrew Parker, Dennis Fritz, David Passalacqua, Diana Bryan and Andrzej Dudzinski.  After school, Adam got some real world schooling by working as an assistant for illustrators Peter deSéve and Brian Ajhar. Eventually, he moved to the San Francisco bay area, and ever since then Adam has been illustrating all sorts of things, including a variety of books for children of all ages. His lovely and wonderful wife, Cynthia Wigginton, helps him out on many book projects doing her amazing design wizardry.

Adam has had the great fortune to work with many talented editors, art directors and designers at a wide range of publishing houses, including Chronicle, Viking, Penguin, Harper Collins, Random House, Abrams, Cameron, DIsney Hyperion, Sterling, Running Press, Harcourt and Walker. 

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Adam received the Society of Illustrator's 51 Gold Medal for his illustrated monster stamp endpapers for the book "The Monsterologist:A Memoir In Rhyme," by Bobbi Katz.

"Oh No, Not Ghosts!," by Richard Michelson, was chosen to be included in AIGA's Top 100 show for 2007, "The Monsterologist" in AIGA's Top 100 Show for 2009.

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