October 16, 2015


This is a cover I recently illustrated for the good folks at GreenSource Magazine for an issue focusing on utilizing recycling and historical construction techniques and materials in sustainable building.

Art Director: Christopher Pirrone

Client: GreenSource Magazine

October 30, 2014


This is a recent commission for a feature examining the fact that more and more American companies are relocating their headquarters overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes, an act known as a "Tax Inversion".  President Obama has decried this practice as lacking "economic patriotism," and has said "I don't care if it's legal - it's wrong."

Client: Harvard Law Bulletin
Art Director: the amazing Ronn Campisi

October 26, 2014

Illustration for an article about activating the power of "Us Vs. Them" energy as a powerful leadership tool.

Client: Harvard Business Review

Art Director: James de Vries

Designer: Annie Chin

October 6, 2014


This is a recent commission from Lisa Sergi at Brown Alumni Magazine.  Lisa is always a joy to work with, and she did a really beautiful, thoughtful layout.  The feature is about where to fit in culturally with the identity of being racially mixed.