Are We There Yet?

We just received a big box of the latest picture book from Chronicle, "Are We There Yet?" by Nina Laden. Nina is a terrific children's book illustrator in her own right, and is known for such books as "When Pigasso met Mootisse" and "Roberto the Insect Architect". This time, I was called on to do the illustrations working from a basic framework she'd worked out with our always fabulous editor Victoria Rock. The project was quite challenging in that I had to create a series of kid-logic sub-narratives within the basic narrative of a kid going to Grandma's, with the only text from page to page being mainly the words, "Are we there yet?" and "No." Fortunately, the amazing design team of Sara Gillingham and Cynthia Wigginton ensured the final product to be a beautifully realized production.

You can see more of the interiors and order a copy for yourself here!

Client: Chronicle Books

Art Direction: Sara Gillingham

Design: Cynthia Wigginton