Da Wild, Da Crazy, DaVinci

Da Wild, Da Crazy, DaVinci
Jon Scieszka

You probably know that Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. Did you know that he also invented an early version of a helicopter and a tank, and that he planned to execute the Time Warp Trio for spying on his inventions? Sam's bright idea to look for the inventor of the Book takes the guys to 15th century Italy to meet up with Leonardo. But it's going to take at least three more bright ideas, two magic tricks, and one great invention to get them out of trouble and safely back home. If not, it could be a lifetime of Italian army toilet-cleaning detail for Joe, Sam, and Fred.

From Booklist

Gr. 3-6. In the Time Warp Trio's fourteenth heart-pounding escapade, the three young Brooklyn friends set out to discover who invented the Book, the magic catalyst to their time-travel adventures. Their quest projects them to sixteenth-century Italy, where they meet Leonardo da Vinci, outwit Machiavelli, and learn something about famous inventors and their discoveries (the discussion of Thomas Crapper will be a particular hit). This adventure feels a bit less substantial than some of the others in the series, and a few of the specifics of the team's escapes may leave readers a bit confused. But the encounter with da Vinci, who is portrayed as a goofy practical joker, is thrilling, and as usual, the fast action and spot-on humor carry the plot. Illustrations, including new interpretations of da Vinci's work, were not available in galley. Gillian Engberg