Martin MacGregor's Snowman

Martin MacGregor's Snowman
Lisa Broadie Cook

How can a snowman fanatic build a snowman if there’s NO snow?

Martin MacGregor lives for building snowmen. All year long he sits and he waits and he dreams of deep snowdrifts and blinding blizzards. So what’s poor Martin to do when winter comes and there’s no snow?

Martin finds it hard to be patient, but he develops all sorts of alternate plans for building his snowmen. Unfortunately, his creative genius backfires every time, and he may still be grounded by the time next winter comes around!

From Booklist

K-Gr. 2. Snow-loving kids everywhere will relate to Martin's dilemma: he wants to build a snowman, but there's no snow. Throughout the long, snowless winter he looks for ways to relieve his snowman-making itch. He pours flour over his syrupy baby sister, glues cotton balls on the family dog, and shocks the ladies from his mom's book club by coming downstairs covered in nothing but frothy, white bubble-bath foam. He's just about ready to give up, when he awakens, on April Fool's Day, to a winter wonderland: "School was canceled for three whole days, and Martin made a snowman, a snow lady, a snow boy . . ." First-time author Cook narrates Martin's antics with a sly wit and offbeat humor that is nicely matched by McCauley's wacky cartoon illustrations on heavy watercolor paper. Martin's expressive face, with eyebrows that seem to have a life of their own, reveals his despair, his creative bursts, and ultimately, his sheer joy. A clever, funny debut. Lauren Peterson

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