Mom and Dad are Palindromes

Mom and Dad are Palindromes
Mark Shulman

Bob has a problem. He's a palindrome. In fact, once he learns what a palindrome is, he starts finding palindromes everywhere: his little sis, Nan; his pup, Otto; even his Mom and Dad! It's making Bob feel like a kook. Is there no escape? Mark Shulman and Adam McCauley have joined forces to create a wonderfully visual, ridiculously clever book of wordplay. Join the hilarity. . . do your civic deed, don't let your pupils slip up, and find the over 101 palindromes hiding in the words and pictures of this zany book.

From School Library Journal

Grade 1-4–Poor Bob! When his teacher discusses palindromes, he realizes that he is surrounded by them. He frantically tries to elude such words and phrases, but encounters more at every turn. In all, Shulman cleverly weaves over 101 palindromes into the text. They are set in a variety of fonts that differ in size, color, and shading to highlight their presence. However, they are also present on signs, as asides, etc., and so offer some challenges to finding them all. The mixed-media cartoon art amplifies the zany situation. Pair this book with Jon Agee's Palindromania! (Farrar, 2002) for an enjoyable lesson on wordplay.–Grace Oliff

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