My Friend Chicken

My Friend Chicken
Adam McCauley

A young girl ponders where her friend Chicken might be. Did he fly off to the moon? Take a canoe down the Amazon? Without Chicken, things just aren’t the same. The teeter won't totter. The merry won’t go round. Chicken better ?come home soon! Adam McCauley’s quirky illustrations and hilarious story will charm anyone who’s ever missed their best friend.

From Kirkus Reviews

For readers who have missed a friend so much that the rest of the world passes by in a blur, McCauley's debut offers solace. A girl misses the companionship of her friend, Chicken; she wonders where he might have gone and what things are occupying his time, counting the hours till they meet again. Those games she had once found so excitingbadminton and the teeter-totterare far less so without a partner. She imagines that Chicken is having a thrilling time without her, and only when she hears the doorbell does she realize that he's returned to visit, as happy to see her as she is to see him. Mixed media illustrations feature strong black lines and backgrounds that range from other-worldly to retro. The message is clear, in a tender tale whose sentiments are nicely balanced by the bold, funny art. (Picture book. 4-8)

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