Oh No, Not Ghosts!

Oh No, Not Ghosts!
Richard Michelson

Shhhhh! Dad said not to make a peep, so that he could get some sleep. But what if something is wriggling, sniggling, and slithering in the shadows? And did that floorboard just creeeeeak? Each ghoulish possibility seems worse than the last, until--what was that? Oh no, not . . . !

Richard Michelson's zinging rhymes and Adam McCauley's moonlit illustrations will transport readers beyond the bedroom walls to a magical nighttime world where imagination rules.

From School Library Journal

Grade 1-3–Two siblings are supposed to be settling down to sleep, but their imaginations run wild. Big brother increases his sister's mounting anxiety with dodgy reassurances such as, It's okay that you're small and weak/Be smart! Just make a high-pitched Shrieeek/I've seen a teeny demon frighten/the biggest, meanest, greenest titan. She replies: Demons? Oh no, not demons! In rhyming verse, he slyly details how he would scare away such intruders as goblins, giants, and skeletons. His teasing has little sis cowering behind the covers until their fuming dad appears. McCauley's mixed-media illustrations feature dark, atmospheric backgrounds. Pointy-toothed werewolves cast eerie shadows on the bedroom wall, and a giant's foot has nightmarish proportions. This slightly spooky title offers lots of bewitching fun.–Linda Ludke

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