Smarty Marty's Got Game

Smarty Marty's Got Game
Amy Gutierrez

Amy Gutierrez ("Amy G" to San Francisco Giants fans) tells the inspiring story of older sister Marty, who teaches the game (and love) of baseball to her younger brother Mikey. Marty has always loved baseball and is known as "Smarty Marty" to her friends at school because she knows more about baseball than most grown-up baseball fans. However, her younger brother, Mikey, couldn't be bothered and just doesn't get it...UNTIL, Marty and Mikey attend a real baseball game, where Marty gradually teaches Mikey the ins and outs of baseball, the lingo, strategy, and more, often using real-life examples so Mikey can better understand. Before long, Mikey is no longer solely interested in the salted pretzels and garlic fries of the ballpark but is soon engrossed in the game and cheering along with his older sister. Amy G's story appeals to both boys and girls and also defies the strong gender stereotypes that Amy herself has battled in her 16-year career as a sports journalist and reporter.

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A San Francisco Giants in-game reporter, Gutierrez delivers a primer not just on baseball in general but on the intricacies of scoring the game like a pro and pitching the slang like a fastball. Baseball-lover Marty wants to teach her younger brother, baseball-doubter Mikey, to love the game as much as she does, so she takes him to the stadium, where she handily shows off her copious knowledge. Marty learned to love the game from her great-grandmother, and she’s determined to pass along the enthusiasm and teach Mikey some valuable information: What does a backward K mean? What’s a 6–4–3? What do you call the first two hitters? What are you telling someone when you shout, “Grab some pine?” McCauley hits a homer with clean, charming art that gives emotional investment to the facts and captures moments of the game in its greatest glory. From first pitch to grand slam, Gutierrez delivers a fun, snappy lesson. A joy for new fans and seasoned pros dying to share their love of the game. ~ Jesse Karp

"So glad to have a book I can share with my kids that speaks to the heart of the game. Amy’s sense of family and knowledge of baseball are very apparent. And it doesn’t hurt that the good guys wear orange and black!" - Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants Catcher

"Amy G captures all the elements of why a day at the yard is so much fun. The tips, details and love for the game are delivered in a great story I think kids and their parents will enjoy." - Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants Pitcher

"Amy G hits one Outta Here with Smarty Marty. I absolutely loved it!" - Duane Kuiper, San Francisco Giants Broadcaster and Former Second Baseman

"Amer the Gamer totally knocks it out of the park with Smarty Marty! It is a delightful story wrapped around the preservation of a great baseball tradition. Big League all the way!" - Mike Krukow, San Francisco Giants Broadcaster and Former Pitcher

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